The Face in the Mirror

The Face in the Mirror

Copyright Sandy Long

A while ago, I got lonely while driving and called my brother. His wife took over the phone and started talking about that scam artist that was just arrested for scamming those Wall Street investors.

Her take was that he was an evil man. Though I agreed with her that he was a criminal, I also told her that people had to take some responsibility for losing their money too.

Of course, this led to a heated debate with her giving the phone back to my brother. We are in a terrible financial and personal countrywide mess. Too many of us got houses we could not afford, too expensive of vehicles and lived way beyond our means. While times were good, or seemed to be because everyone was building a house of cards…literally…people became blind to the chipping away of our rights by the government that is supposed to work for us.

Along with this apathy to government, more and more people looked to the government to solve every little ill they had and did not, nor have now, thought to take any responsibility for where they are. People, who invest their whole life savings in something that seems too good to be true, find that most times it is not true and this is exactly what happened with this scammer. Now they are screaming, some even wanting the government to refund their investments beyond what the securities insurance allows. Is it any wonder?

I haul auto parts…the big plants have acres upon acres of cars and light trucks sitting waiting for someone to buy them while car dealerships are glutted and no one can afford new cars…yet, they are still turning out new cars and trucks every few minutes. More of the ‘if we build it, they will buy’ mentality…. I see more and more warehouses being built, while there are hundreds of new warehouses sitting empty with for sale or lease signs on them… The same goes for houses…yes, they are still building some…why I do not know…no one can afford $150,000 houses now, if ever they could…. I see more malls being built while malls that were huge a few years ago are empty.

Why is there such a waste of materials and effort being spent now when we are in a terrible economic mess? Why are our politicians adding billions of dollars of earmarks to a budget that is only money without backing and that puts us further in debt? Why is the US sending money and aid to fight drug cartels in Mexico? Why is the EPA so strong that they are dictating laws? Why is NAFTA not being weakened if not broken? Why are oil companies still not paying royalties for drilling on our soil? Etc, etc, etc.  Who is to blame for all the mess this country is in…look in the mirror.

In the heated debate with my sister in law, she said, “someone should do something.”

 When I told her to sit down and write her congressional representatives and senators and asked did she vote for incumbents or new people, she replied, “Why, it doesn’t do any good.”

It was my disagreeing with her on that, which put her off the phone. We have allowed this country to get into this mess by being apathetic sheep that are following the Judas goat of our government and taking this country off the cliff. We are the ones who got greedy, wanted to live above our means, who concentrated on religion instead of good government, who blindly followed one party or the other without thinking beyond the R or D behind someone’s name. We sat back and let these people in DC get very out of hand and totally away from the Constitution that set the laws in place so that what we have now could not happen. People want now to sit back and wring their hands and look to the government to bail us out…well, DUH!!!…they are the ones that we allowed to get us here in the first place…just like that Madoff or whatever that scammer dude’s name is…they are taking us to the cleaners and we are letting them…now we look to them for solutions????

Take a good look in the mirror…realize that the power to effect change is in your hands. Write a letter or email…hell, write a hundred of them…make phone calls daily to YOUR representatives…tell them to straighten up and start listening to WE THE PEOPLE and take care of us first…or you will fire them come next election…or start a campaign in your state to impeach them…it is our right under the constitution at least for now. Then take another look in the mirror…and accept responsibility for your part in this mess and see the spark of fire in your eye now that you are taking steps to correct your mistakes in judgment.

The faces in all of our mirrors created these problems…the faces in our mirrors can solve them.


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