Satin and Steel Sisterhood: Changing its focus

Satin and Steel Sisterhood was born this last summer just when some family tragedies started in my family and I did not have the time to devote to its start up that I should have. While I still think that there is a need for a website dedicated to women who work in all of the non traditional jobs out there, I have decided to slightly change the site’s focus more towards women truck drivers.

Satin and Steel will not be in competition with any other site or organization, I want that to be clear from the get go. I have spoken with Ellen Voie of the Women In Trucking Association and have her support in changing Satin and Steel Sisterhood over to serve women truck drivers as a social meeting place and as an educational resource for women who are considering entering the trucking industry.. As a member of WIT and on the Association’s driver advisory committee, Satin and Steel will work with the WIT, not against it in any way.

Having worked with new and prospective drivers for several years online at my yahoo group Trailer Truckin’ Tech, I will bring my expertise in assisting newbees and wannabees to make the proper decisions on schools, training companies and in making the decision to enter trucking in the first place. Assisting me in this, there are also other experienced driver members at Satin and Steel Sisterhood who will share their knowledge and tips.

The homepage at Satin and Steel Sisterhood will feature articles by myself and from other trucking industry sources to keep members informed of changes in the industry and other helpful news.

While Satin and Steel Sisterhood’s focus will slightly change over more towards women truck drivers, all women and men in other non traditional jobs are welcome to join and enter into discussions on our forums; there is room for everyone and forum boards are provided for different areas of non traditional work.

Satin and Steel Sisterhood is free to join and everyone is welcome to join. As with all of my groups though, our forums will be strictly moderated for the safety and enjoyment of the members. Come on over and check Satin and Steel Sisterhood out.


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