Street Smarts: A Guide to a Truck Driver’s Personal Safety

 Street Smarts, A Guide for a Truck Driver’s Personal Safety

Authored by Sandy Long

Little is taught to truckers about how to secure their personal safety…until now. Street Smarts, written by veteran truck driver Sandy Long, is filled with true stories, articles and many tips on how a truck driver can keep from becoming a victim of crime.

Crimes Against Women Drivers

According to an Ohio sheriffs report, on a January 2006 night at a large truck stop, a woman driver was attacked and beaten by two males with a 2×4 and robbed of a couple of cubic zirconia rings. From other reports, this is not an isolated incident. We hear these stories and wonder how and why this could of happened. Shouldn’t we be safe at least at truck stops that we have to frequent at all hours?…

 Bad Directions?

A story from News 4 points out that not getting proper directions might of caused a driver to be shot causing him to crash the truck into a tree…

Scared the Hell Out of Me!

During my almost 40 years traveling the highways and byways of this country, there have been a few times that I have been scared to death by criminal acts. Thankfully, I have not been hurt personally in any of them…yet…

Some of the tips are: how to secure your truck while you are sleeping, what to watch for while parked, and how to make sure you are found if you go missing. Read the rest of the stories and learn how to protect yourself from criminal acts…buy Street Smarts today!

“If a truck driver is aware of the possibility of personal criminal attacks and keeps themselves safe, it follows that their equipment and the cargos they haul will be safer too…” Sandy Long

“This would be a great teaching manual for companies and schools to give to their drivers!”…Sally Sue Miller

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