Should of Let Sleepin’ Dogs Sleep

I have been asked to take this blog down…I have done so, but not because I was wrong.  This is the end of it…no more comments will be allowed.


One comment on “Should of Let Sleepin’ Dogs Sleep

  1. ALRIGHT, SANDY! I love it! Why do people do this? Complain without bothering to offer solutions? Fame and recognition is all this lady, oops, I mean chick, cares about. SHE IS FAR FROM BEING A LADY.

    I stand by your post 100%, agree with the content, and will continue to offer my support in defense of WIT. I am also a member and I think they are doing right by us girls. You keep up the good work, Sandy, and send me anything and everything you post. Since Twitter is my forum of choice, I’ll promote it it there.

    Love you sweet sister,

    Diesel Lady

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