Deja Vu

Once again, it is time to address courtesy on the road, truck stops, warehouses and rest areas; obviously, the word is not getting out.  Things I have seen this week:

On the road:

 Drivers, if you are running any closer than a truck length behind the vehicle in front of you, you are tailgating and are not only jeopardizing yourself and the vehicle you are following, but also every vehicle around you.  If you are trying to save fuel, the savings are not worth the safety issue.  For any other reason forget it, it will not wash; you are a bully and trying to use the size of your truck to intimidate the driver of the vehicle you are following…stop it!

When you come back in front of another vehicle, what are you thinking when you come back over so closely that all the other driver sees is your door handles?  Don’t you know that you could misjudge the distance by that amount in your mirrors or the blast from the wind shear could kill someone?  At minimum, you should leave a truck length of distance between you and any vehicle you pass.

It is not nice to fool with construction workers.  If you think that it is fun to make a construction worker jump back by bobbling your truck towards them, you are one sick puppy and need help.  Don’t you know that if that construction worker slips on a rock and falls, you could kill them?  Slow that truck down and show some respect for those workers; while construction zones may be a pain in the arse, without those workers out patching the roads, what few brains you have would be butter.

Truck stops:

You might be a billy bigrigger who never has to work at backing into a parking space, but give others not so lucky a break.  Turn off your headlights if at night or cock the truck to where the lights are not shining in the backing driver’s eyes.  Wait patiently for them to do what they need to do; do not go so close that they have no room to maneuver or dart behind them while they are still backing up….or step out and watch their blind side for them if they are having trouble, oh wait, that would be thinking about someone else rather than just yourself, God forbid!

That waitress in the café at the truck stop is there to serve you food, not to service other needs or to be an object of sarcasm.  Do you think that working 8 hours on ones feet, carrying heavy trays and dealing with all the BS that they do is easy?  What does her looks have to do with your being served your food and drink quickly and courteously, you most likely do not look like a Greek god either  so do not make stupid comments about how ugly or fat she is.  Take your food business to the We Bare All or Hooters restaurants if the waitress’s looks are more important to you than good food and good service.


If you are going to a certain set of docks in a plant and there is a line of trucks sitting along the road next to the docks, how does it not compute in your mind that those drivers are most likely waiting for those docks they are near?  That is a staging line and you are supposed to line up at the end…yes John boy, I said end… of the line not barge up to the front.  If you are stupid enough to think you are more special than those waiting drivers and go to the head of the line, do not park on the other side of the driveway then not move when asked to so drivers at the docks can come out around the corner you are sitting on.  You might find a lady driver with an attitude that decides you are an idiot and need a lesson taught that forces you to back up out of her way.  Really, it is not nice to flip off said lady driver because you yourself are an idiot.

When you are driving through a busy factory’s drop and staging yard, where there is heavy truck traffic, you really have to remember that it is not a racetrack and there is no prize for making it to the gate first.  Look around and if there is a slower truck moving or someone trying to get set up to back in one of the tight drop lines, slow down and allow people to do what they have to do.  Everyone has someplace else to be just like you.

I do not have to repeat the backing situation from the truck stop section do I?

Rest Areas:

People and pets are moving around rest areas at all hours.  There is absolutely no need for you to take off out of a parking spot like you are shot from a sling shot.  Ease out slowly and watch for people and their pets.  That cup of coffee will still be at the truck stop when you get there.

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please wipe the seat!  Wipe the sink too or rinse it down if you have excessively dirty hands when you are through washing them.  Oh yes, do please wash your hands, I do not want your germs thank you very much.

Parking on the shoulder of rest areas are at times a necessity, have to park there some times myself.  Please pull off of the shoulder as far as you can so the tail of your trailer is not out in the roadway; if the shoulder is not wide enough to do so, keep going to somewhere else.  People coming through while you sleep should not have to go to the other shoulder to get by your rig.  Pull up in the parking spaces as far as the line ending too, no one should have to thread the needle going through the parking area to avoid hitting your trailer; their eyesight might be a little weak too and threading a needle is difficult.


We all have to do what we have to do when nature calls…dispose of those bags and bottles in dumpsters please…no one wants to look at that mess.

If there is somewhere that is nice enough to allow us to park, do not dispose of your trash, blown tires, bent wheels or pallets there.  You think they are going to keep allowing us to park there?  NOT!  You are not so special that you have the right to trash up someone’s property.

If you hear a woman on the cb radio, quit with the sexist crap will you!  If you have not seen hooters before, or think you need someone to flip their shirt or skirt up to make your day, buy a Playboy and give us lady drivers a break…we have some respect for ourselves, you should too.   Oh, and by the way, you think that you are helping anyone including yourself with having those signs handprinted in your window or written in the dust on your trailer about hooters or flipping someone’s skirt?  You are not, you are engaging in juvenile behavior that destroys truck driver’s images and need to grow up.

Of course, the above is just my opinion!


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