Arriving Alive is Now Available!

Arriving Alive by Sandy Long  Now Available

When I wrote Street Smarts: A Guide for a Truck Driver’s Personal Safety (, I had many people suggest that I write a similar book for the general motoring public; Arriving Alive is the result of those suggestions. 

Arriving Alive is made up of basically three sections; the first is about personal safety for travelers.  Starting out with having your vehicle checked before starting a trip along with other tips to prepare for a trip, this first section also includes many tips, excerpt from page 11:

 “After you pre-plan your trip; give your route, stopping places and information about your car such as VIN number, description and license plate number to a close family member or friend. (Someone in your family should have this information even if you are not going on a trip and are just driving around your area.)  Set up check call times and call on-time each day.  This way, if something happens and you do not call; your family member or friend can immediately alert law enforcement that you are missing, where you were at the last check call and what route you were taking. “

The second section of Arriving Alive is about trucks, truckers and trucking, and filled with tips for sharing the road with larger vehicles.  Excerpt from page 66 (the end of that section):

“Like everybody else, truck drivers want to avoid being involved in crashes. If you make a mistake, the truck driver will try to avoid a crash. However, an evasive maneuver in a truck can result in the truck driver crashing, even though you may get away unharmed and unknowing.  Remember that:

  • Trucks accelerate more slowly than cars.
  • Trucks need more room to maneuver safely.
  • In a panic stop, trucks need more stopping distance.
  • Because trucks are higher than they are wide, it is harder for the truck driver to safely take evasive action.
  • Avoid the No-Zone (blind spots) around trucks.”

The Third section includes driving tips, excerpt from page 72:

“Pay attention on multiple lane highways for your exits or turns and get in the far right lane at least a mile before your exit or turn.  If you notice, on interstates and limited access highways with exits, usually there is a sign for the next exit at least a mile before the actual exit.”

Arriving Alive is not just a driving manual like the one you studied when getting your license, it has anecdotes, stories and even a joke or two to make it an interesting read for any level of driver.  If you have family or friends who drive, Arriving Alive will make a great gift for them and might even save their lives.

Arriving Alive can be purchased at  or soon at    Contact me at for discount code for createspace purchases of bulk orders of 5 books or more.


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