Starting truck driving in 1972, I am truly an old hand trucker.  I was offered a writing job by Layover.com in late 2004 writing five articles a month until late 2009. During this time, I also started contributing articles monthly to the Canadian Trucking Magazine, which I still do occasionally. I wrote and published my two books, Street Smarts: A Guide for a Truck Driver’s Personal Safety and Arriving Alive, a Guide for the General Public, includes personal safety tips for travelers, sharing the road with semis and general driving tips. I also wrote and gifted a cookbook, At Home and On the Road, to the Women In Trucking Association to use for fund raising in 2010.

I have contributed to OOIDA’s Landline Magazine three times with the first article Pathbreakers being used in the Journeys column. Pathbreakers and another article from someone else was entered into the TWNA competition as examples of the Journeys column, the column won a gold award. Currently, I have entered my second year of writing freelance/staff writer for OnTimeMedia.com, owners of ExpediteNow/Road Gorilla Magazines and ExpeditersOnline.com and RoadGorilla.com and am still driving.

I was a finalist/award winner in the Jason Rivenberg Making a Difference program in 2012, and nominated for the Women In Trucking Association’s Most Influential Woman in Trucking Award in 2013. I am a charter member of the Women In Trucking Association and a senior life member of OOIDA. I am very active in both associations and work with new and prospective drivers thru my own sites and the association’s.  Currently I also manage seven facebook groups and pages.


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